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Shows to Fall For this February

January 29, 2015 | by Bohlsen Group

February is around the corner – which, of course, means Valentine’s Day is, too. Whether this year’s Valentine is your spouse, your kids, or just a good friend, Indianapolis has plenty to see next month. So grab some flowers and a box of chocolates and take your sweetheart(s) out for a night (or afternoon) on the town!

The Murat Theatre at Old National Centre is hosting two action-packed shows of Chuggington Live! The Great Rescue Adventure on Friday, February 20 (show times are 3:30 p.m. and 7 p.m.). Folks of all ages will enjoy watching the popular Disney TV series “Chuggington” come to life in this upbeat and fun-filled musical that features impressive trains with working features and movements. One of Disney’s most popular children’s TV shows, Chuggington Live! The Great Rescue Adventure is a must-see for the whole family. Tickets are on sale now at the Old National Centre box office,, and all Ticketmaster outlets.

Interested in winning a pair of tickets to see Chuggington Live? You’re in luck! Just tweet the below message before Monday, February 2. Winner will be notified at noon via Twitter on February 2.

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New Covenant Productions & Hollywood Casino presents STYX, live in concert on Saturday, February 14 at 8 p.m. at the Lawrenceburg Event Center in Lawrenceburg, Ind. Since their 1975 hit, “Lady,” STYX has sold over 20 million records worldwide and scored eight Top 10 singles in the U.S. alone. Even today, over 40 years after their 1977 multi-platinum hit “The Grand Illusion,” STYX’s music still resonates with fans worldwide as the group has joined rock juggernauts Journey and REO Speedwagon for a pair of dynamic tours. Tickets for this legendary show are on sale now at the Lawrenceburg Event Center box office.

The laugh-out-loud comedy show SPANK! The Fifty Shades Parody returns to Indianapolis on Friday and Saturday, February 13 and 14 at the Egyptian Room. Taking on the naughty fun of the best-selling book and highly anticipated movie “Fifty Shades of Grey,” SPANK! brings the story to hilarious and outrageous life. Before the show, indulge in a few cocktails and then stick around afterwards and fulfill your fantasy by taking photos with the star himself. Don’t miss the opportunity for this ultimate “girls’ night out!” Tickets are on sale now at the Old National Centre box office,, and all Ticketmaster outlets.

We’re also giving away a pair of tickets to SPANK! Tweet the below message before Monday, February 2. Winner will be notified at noon via Twitter on February 3.

I entered to win a pair of tickets to see SPANK! on Feb. 14 courtesy of @BohlsenGroup! You can enter too: 

It might not be summer quite yet, but why not (hypothetically) escape to the West coast for an evening with The Beach Boys at Indiana University Auditorium on Sunday, February 15? Along with their upcoming release of “That’s Why God Made The Radio” (out June 5 from Capitol/EMI), the original Boys – Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston, and David Marks – are getting back together for their 50th Anniversary Tour. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a “Fun, Fun, Fun” night with the Boys who made the world’s favorite soundtrack to summer. Tickets are on sale now at the I.U. Auditorium box office.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Bohlsen Group family to yours!

Bohlsen Group Case Study

Case Study: Bunbury Music Festival

January 27, 2015 | by Jessica Redden

Following Bunbury Music Festival’s inaugural run in 2012, Bohlsen Group was tasked with building excitement around the 2013 festival and generating press coverage beyond Cincinnati to reach regional and national audiences. Learn how our award-winning campaign helped boost attendance by 50 percent and secured top-tier, national coverage for the music festival. Our work on behalf of the festival secured a 2014 Pinnacle Award of Honor for Media Relations.

Client: Bunbury Music Festival is an alternative music festival featuring three days of performances on six stages throughout downtown Cincinnati’s Sawyer Point and Yeatman’s Cove. Transforming the banks of the Ohio River into a unique music and festival experience like no other, Bunbury returned to Cincinnati in 2013 after a successful first year in 2012.

Challenge: Following success at the local level in the inaugural year, the challenge to follow was the expansion of ticket sales as well as increased media recognition in Cincinnati while gaining attention beyond the metropolitan area to a broader regional, and even national level.

Solution: Behind the scenes, Bohlsen Group researched and contacted individuals at specific mainstream media outlets we felt would be most interested in covering the festival, emphasizing not only the music and entertainment, but specific artist lineups, fan-friendly events, tourism-based announcements, the economic impact, and unique promotion angles including the “Bunbury Beer” and “Design Your Own Bunbury T-Shirt.” Bohlsen Group created and distributed press releases, media alerts, and artist and festival press materials for media and promo use in local, regional, and national markets. Additionally, we coordinated advance interviews for local, regional, and national media outlets with artists and Bunbury Music Festival management personnel for festival previews. Bohlsen Group also served as the on-site personnel at the event, working directly with media contacts to issue credentials, oversee day-of interviews with artists and Bunbury Music Festival management, facilitate photographs of artists through the media pit and field general media questions about the event.

Results: By improving and expanding our outreach for festival coverage to larger regional and national outlets, Bohlsen Group was able to secure significant, top-tier coverage in a variety of media markets. Bohlsen Group secured media coverage from national outlets including USA Today, Pollstar, MSNBC, Yahoo News and CBS Money Watch. Of significant note: all four Cincinnati area television stations appeared multiple times for on-site live hits, b-roll, on-site package story coverage, and artist interviews. Bohlsen Group approved more than 200 on-site media credentials for festival review and general coverage purposes. Organizers estimate that more than 60,000 people attended the festival during its three days—an almost 50 percent increase in attendance from the previous year. The total earned media value for the festival was more than $4.75 million, with earned media impressions of 231.7 million. Bohlsen Group continues to work with Bunbury Music Festival each year.

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 About the Author: Senior Account Executive Jessica Redden manages accounts for Bohlsen Group’s Entertainment & Events division and co-manages the E/E division’s internship program. Find Jessica on Twitter: @jess_redden


National Readathon Day: Help Boost Literacy this Weekend

January 22, 2015 | by Spencer Hotz

Let’s face it, between the cold weather and delicious football party finger foods we’ve pretty much given up on that New Year’s diet/get-in-shape resolution. Never fear! You still have plenty of time to get started on that other resolution you had – you know the one about making sure you read more – and we here at Bohlsen want to help.

This Saturday, January 24 is National Readathon Day. Penguin Random House in conjunction with GoodReads, Mashable and the National Book Foundation created the event to help battle falling literacy rates in America. The Readathon encourages people to curl up with a good book between 12pm – 4pm this Saturday to reinvigorate their passion and appreciation for reading.

While you’re at it, you can use #timetoread to show your support and participation online. Perhaps you’ll even convince a friend, coworker or relative to jump into a new book too! In case you’re not sure what to read, our staff wanted to pass along some recommendations for standouts from our current roster of books:

Politics – “
Run Mitch, Run
By Don V. Cogman 

Summary: As a popular two-term governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels was considered one of the frontrunners for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination – until he made the difficult choice not to run. “Run Mitch, Run,” written by Daniels’ close friend Don V. Cogman, divulges insider knowledge from the months and weeks leading up to Daniels’ monumental decision.

“A great book for political junkies or anyone wanting an insider’s perspective on what makes or breaks a decision to run for the most powerful office in the world.”

Emily Wilson, Account Executive


Economics/Finance – “Retire Wealthy
By Eric D. Brotman

Summary: “Retire Wealthy” serves as a financial literacy resource for readers who want to learn the basics of financial planning and wealth building – whether working on one’s own or with a financial advisor.

“Brotman has excellent credentials and truly believes that financial literacy and the ability to retire comfortably are attainable goals for every American worker. His guide is packed with great information in a very digestible format.”

Ryan Simpson, Publicist


Sci-Fi: “Precipice” (Book I in the “This Generation” series)
By TC Joseph

Summary: Just like many cultures attribute the start of their histories with the telling of a great flood, many of them seem to point to the current generation as the one that will see drastic global change. TC Joseph has spent years studying various religious prophecies, conspiracy theories and histories, discovering almost all of them agree that the generation born in the late 40’s/early 50’s will see great change. Whether that change means End Times, the coming of a messiah or contact with other life forms remains to be seen. It all starts with “Precipice.”

“Joseph’s series takes an interesting turn by following three families from the birth of the mid-20th century generation and into the future decade-by-decade. We see how history supports many of these prophetic concepts and a variety of theories for how they will play out in the years to come. The plot is complex and otherworldly, but a fascinating twist on the modern obsession we have with the apocalypse.”

Spencer Hotz, Publicist


Music Memoir: “California Slim
By Andrew J. Bernstein

Summary: “California Slim” by author Andrew J. Bernstein is a detailed firsthand account of the cultural and musical revolution in San Francisco. Written by a man who lived every Baby Boomer’s musical dream, Bernstein takes readers on his life journey from 1962 to 1980. In his book, Bernstein provides a behind-the-scenes look at rock ’n’ roll history, detailing his experiences of taking banjo lessons from an unknown music teacher named Jerry Garcia, listening to an up-and-coming guitarist named Jimi Hendrix, and attending the premier of Willie Nelson’s first movie, “Honeysuckle Rose.”

“Bernstein’s book offers a detailed glimpse into what is was really like living in the 1960s. Although music is the main focus of Bernstein’s experiences, “California Slim” offers much more than a look at the history of music. He dives into social issues that first came to light during the 1960s – issues that are still relevant in today’s world – and offers his own analysis of historical events that helped shape modern society. I’d recommend it for any music fan or historian who is trying to figure out how we got to where we are today.”

- Jordan Overton, Media Specialist

History/Religion: “
Pope Pius XII and World War II: The Documented Truth
By Gary Krupp

Summary: “Pope Pius XII and World War II: The Documented Truth” started out as a pamphlet for a conference about the Vatican’s involvement in the events leading up to World War II and the Holocaust. Now far beyond the length of a pamphlet, this book contains primary source evidence compiled from international archives and news outlets that show what the relationships between the Vatican and the Nazis really were. Even readers with a strong knowledge of history will be surprised by some of the documents Krupp has unearthed.

“This book provides a fascinating look at one of the greatest conflicts in the history of human civilization, both military and moral. Did you know that the Nazis were close to executing an invasion of the Vatican and kidnapping the pope? How about that Pope Pius XII was named as a collaborator in the Valkyrie plot to assassinate Hitler? Accessible to both historical experts and laymen, this book will appeal to anyone interested in history, religion, politics, intrigue and information warfare.”

Matt Van Scoik, Publicist


So whether it’s a great book from us, something that’s been on your shelf forever, or a book with that fresh-print smell, be sure to give it some love this Saturday and –to paraphrase Missy Elliot – get, get your read on!

Sidenote: If you are looking to really expand your literary world this year, check out BookRiot’s “2015 Read Harder Challenge” as well.

Bohlsen Group Case Study

Case Study: Spirit & Place Festival

January 20, 2015 | by Jessica Redden

Spirit & Place is a collaborative, interdisciplinary festival that holds community events encompassing the arts, religion, and humanities each November. In 2013, Bohlsen Group expanded on its recurring media relations and social media role by launching and managing Spirit & Place’s first-ever promotions committee.

Client: A collaborative community project managed by the Polis Center at IUPUI and part of the IU School of Liberal Arts, Spirit & Place works to foster engagement, conversation, and critical thinking through civic engagement and collaboration among the arts, religion, and humanities. Engaging upwards of 20,000 people throughout Central Indiana each November, the Spirit & Place Festival presents dozens of programs in partnership with more than 100 organizations. These events take place throughout the 10-day annual festival in venues throughout Indianapolis, all centering on one theme.

Challenge: Bohlsen Group works with Spirit & Place each year to promote the overall festival and corresponding events to the community, consistently working to develop new angles and media opportunities each year to increase media coverage and exposure throughout Indianapolis. The festival’s primary challenges include coordinating efforts amongst a diverse group of organizers and communicating a complex theme encompassing many disciplines to a general audience.

Bohlsen Group oversees the Spirit & Place Promotions Committee – a small, behind-the-scenes group responsible for social media contributions, guest blogger recruitment, and grassroots assistance.

Solution: Bohlsen Group decided to pursue a mixture of students, young professionals, and seasoned local experts for the promotions committee whose work varied among communications, education, and development. Bohlsen Group established the first official meeting of the committee during the kick-off partner meeting to include them intimately in the planning process and arranged monthly meetings for the five months preceding the festival, providing breakfast food and refreshments, agendas, and bringing in Bohlsen Group staff members to consult on specific areas such as photography and videography.

Results: The combined experience levels among the committee volunteers proved beneficial to Spirit & Place by providing an incentive among the younger group to be involved and contribute effective content, and by working with the more experienced members to strategically recruit guest bloggers and featured essayists via the many relevant relationships and connections they brought to the table. This relationship continued to grow during the 2014 event.

Supplementing our successful media relations work that led to festival coverage in Indianapolis media and outer markets throughout Central Indiana, our pre-festival promotions work with the committee concluded with live tweeting efforts during the festival that fulfilled one of the ultimate goals of the festival: community engagement.

Download this Case Study

 About the Author: Senior Account Executive Jessica Redden manages accounts for Bohlsen Group’s Entertainment & Events division and co-manages the E/E division’s internship program. Find Jessica on Twitter: @jess_redden

digital content sharing

Fair Use or Fair Game? What You Need to Know About Digital Content Sharing

January 16, 2015 | by Susan Davis

Today’s digital world has created endless ways to share content and with that opportunity comes a lot of responsibility. Since I never went to law school, I couldn’t pass up a chance this week to listen to a local attorney give an overview of the legal considerations involved in online content sharing.

The event was a luncheon sponsored by the Hoosier Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. Because the format only allowed for a short talk by the speaker, the information presented was very broad and was delivered at a lightning pace. Here are a few key points my colleagues and I gleaned from the talk.

Know the original source of any material you share. If someone tells you they own the material and it is okay to use it, you still have liability if it is later discovered they weren’t telling the truth and the rightful owner is planning legal action.

If you have any doubt about your rights to use content, reach out to the content creator for permission to use the item. Tell them specifically how you intend to use their work and get their permission in writing to share the work.

If you plan to build digital content in the course of an agency-client relationship, make sure your contract with the client specifically spells out who owns the digital products of your collaboration after the relationship breaks up.

Bohlsen Group publicist Ryan Simpson said his key takeaway from the luncheon was that copyright law is like the speed limit in terms of the risks your willing to take. The closer you stay to the posted guidelines, the less likely you are to get in trouble. He also noted that when it comes to using someone else’s content, do not depend on fair use to justify using material that may be copyrighted.

Riding back from the luncheon, Bohlsen Group publicist Craig Cainkar did a nice job of capturing the main message of the talk: “It is best to start with the assumption that all works are protected. Unless you have permission and license to use a copyrighted item, you put yourself at risk for litigation by putting it out there.”

If you would like more information about the fair use doctrine of the U.S. copyright statute, the U.S. Copyright Office offers guidelines here.


About the Author:  Susan Davis is the Director of Social Media + Brand Services for Bohlsen Group.  Susan manages Bohlsen Group’s content collection, creation and distribution. Find Susan on Twitter: @indysuz13