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Speaking your customers’ language: A lesson in content creation

September 29, 2015 | by Mandy Bray

Do you create content specifically for your target audience? The most effective B2B marketing is targeted and precise, but not too technical or complex that it obfuscates meaning. The best content solves a problem or fills an information gap for its customers where no other brand does. Here’s one example of how Bohlsen Group helped create an award-winning custom content campaign to attract and retain new customers for a niche company.

Each industry speaks its own language, and logistics is no exception. MD Logistics is a third-party logistics provider located in Plainfield, Ind., that offers customized supply-chain solutions to retail, life sciences and pharmaceutical companies all across the globe.

MD Logistics’ website is an important component of its overall marketing strategy to generate leads and sales within a very niche target audience. MD Logistics retained Bohlsen Group to create custom website content that would boost web traffic and develop brand equity with potential clients by demonstrating its expert knowledge. Bohlsen Group’s challenge lay in quickly immersing itself in this often dry and technical logistics industry to be able to write stimulating, authoritative web content.

In researching the logistics industry, Bohlsen Group identified that white papers were an excellent medium to demonstrate MD Logistics’ customized solutions to current and prospective customers. We identified mobile and electronic commerce, two trends currently revolutionizing the supply chain industry, as one relevant white paper topic.

Bohlsen Group conducted extensive industry research throughout the planning phase, with the goal of both identifying how mobile and electronic commerce are changing the consumer shopping experience and how that affects the retail supply chain. In addition to scouring external resources, Bohlsen Group conducted a series of extensive interviews with MD Logistics executive management in order to gather anecdotal and experiential insight on how MD Logistics is adjusting internal processes to this trend.

Bohlsen Group crafted a white paper that merged leading research, industry insights and MD Logistics’ expertise into an easily digestible treatise on these emerging consumer trends. The final result addressed the following objectives:

  • Educated readers on how mobile and electronic use are revolutionizing the supply chain downstream from point-of-purchase
  • Demonstrated a thorough knowledge of e-commerce and m-commerce ordering, fulfillment and shipping models
  • Focused on the importance of turnkey solutions, a specialty of midsize 3PLs like MD Logistics, in adapting to these trends
  • Boosted awareness of MD Logistics’ mobile and electronic commerce service lines in order to drive leads in its retail vertical

After completion, MD Logistics posted the white paper, “How e-Commerce and m-Commerce affect your supply chain” to its website and social media network. The white paper succeeded in driving new web traffic, with 94% of the white paper’s viewers entering the website through the page. The white paper achieved page views almost four times higher than previous ones and performed strongly in the average time spent on the page, with readers spending more than nine minutes viewing the white paper.

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So Long, Social Media Mediocrity Part 4: Using Analytics to Create Effective Content

September 24, 2015 | by Muriel Cross

Facebook insights and Twitter analytics are full of charts, graphs, percentages and other numbers, but how do you know which ones are important and how to use them to improve your outreach?

In this final segment of the “so long, social media mediocrity” series we will focus on three types of social media analytics that are the most useful. We will also cover how to best use that information to improve your social outreach.

Audience Demographics:

Looking into the demographic breakdown of your audience is essential in figuring out what type of content you should be posting as well as the tone you should be using. Maybe you have been utilizing a lot of pop culture references and memes in your post. This approach is great for millenials, but if you check your demographics and find majority of your audience is middle aged, then much of your outreach will fall flat.

It is also possible that your main audience on one site will differ from the audience on another, so it is essential to make sure your approach is tailored to your key audiences on each individual platform.

Individual Post Performance:

Both Twitter and Facebook provide information about reach or impressions as well engagement levels for any messages coming from your accounts. It is important to regularly check these numbers to see what parts of your outreach work best. Whether it’s the subject of the content (questions, updates, article links, etc.) or the type of content (blog posts, photos, news stories, etc.), you’ll be able to see which ones are providing you the greatest reach and engagement levels. As you track this overtime you can adjust your outreach to better match what is most engaging to your audience.

Time of Day:

Once upon a time the best approach to outreach was to simply post and tweet constantly in the hopes something would stick. Luckily, that has changed and most social platforms can provide you information on when your users are most commonly viewing your content. This will help you to plan ahead and schedule at peak times through tools like HootSuite. After all, there is no point sending material out at 7 pm if the majority of your interaction happens at lunchtime.

For more information on saying so long to social media mediocrity read the three previous posts in the series. In Part I we discussed the merits of paid vs. organic growth on social media. Part 2 focused on increasing engagement levels through organic outreach and content generation and Part 3 helps you to minimize time and maximize results.

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So Long, Social Media Mediocrity Part 3: Minimize time & maximize results

September 17, 2015 | by Jordan Overton

If you aren’t intentional, social media management can be like falling down a rabbit hole.

It’s easy to get lost in the fast-paced conversation without keeping track of where you’ve been and where you’re headed. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to make your social media usage efficient so you can effectively build an online presence.

How to make social media efficient?

Finding enough time to properly implement your social media strategy is always difficult. To alleviate the stress that comes with researching, posting and engaging with your audience while maintaining your other marketing tasks, the best thing you can do is plan ahead.

Create a content repository that includes suggested posts, photos, links, event information and blogging ideas. Spending 60-90 minutes at the beginning of the month pulling all of your content into one area will make your social media outreach efficient and will save you hours throughout the rest of the month, as you won’t need to spend time finding relevant information and graphics to post.

With this strategy, you also create time for yourself to focus on active engagement from your brand’s social media channels. Once you’ve built your content repository and pre-scheduled messages through a tool such as HootSuite or Buffer, you can work on responding in real-time to amplify your brand’s social media presence. Just make sure you monitor what’s happening around the world so your pre-scheduled posts don’t end up being posted at inopportune times.

What makes a tool stand out?

Shiny and new doesn’t always mean better. Don’t think you have to use a tool just because it’s new. It’s much more important for your brand that your strategy is effective and that it helps you accomplish organizational goals. If you try every new tool and platform available, you’ll most likely end up spreading yourself too thin, and your existing social media usage will suffer from lack of attention. Before committing to a tool, do your research to make sure that tool fits into your overall digital strategy.

But where should you start? Below, I’ve listed a few tools you can use on a daily basis to make your management of social media efficient and effective. Research them to find one or multiple that fit into your strategy.

If you brand is very visual, look into IFTTT. With this tool, you’re able to share visuals from one platform, such as Instagram, directly to Twitter and Facebook without having to log into multiple networks.

Does your brand host or attend various community events? Periscope is a live-steaming video app that will help you document your events in real-time so you can educate followers on what it is you do while enticing them to attend future events.

Do you need to find content to share and accounts to follow? Social Mention is a social media analysis tool that searches through social media channels in real-time to help you discover what content is popular and which influencers are sharing content relevant to your industry.

How to maximize efforts?

So, you’ve created your content repository, you’ve spent time engaging with your loyal audience, and you’ve found new tools to use. How do you make sure these efforts are helping you accomplish your goals?

First, it’s important to first set benchmarks with your goals in mind. What does earning 15,000 impressions in a month mean if you’re not comparing that number to anything? At the beginning of each month, pull a report and take a look at your numbers. Look at metrics such as your engagement rate, the number of mentions you have, the sentiment of those mentions, and clicks back to your website. Then regularly check your analytics to make sure your stats are trending in a positive direction. After all, your audience will tell you want they want. Listen to them and build your strategy around what works for the both of you. If you notice a consistent decline in numbers, it’s time to change the strategy.

In Part I of our series on saying so long to social media mediocrity, we discussed the merits of paid vs. organic growth on social media. Part 2 focused on increasing engagement levels through organic outreach and content generation. In next week’s final blog in the series, Muriel Cross will delve further into analyzing analytics and explain how you can use them to guide your social media strategy.

Welcome Trena Roudebush to the Bohlsen Group Team

September 15, 2015 | by Bohlsen Group
Senior Account Executive, Trena Roudebush

Senior Account Executive, Trena Roudebush

Our people are at the heart of our business here at Bohlsen Group, and we are very excited to introduce a new team member this fall, Trena Roudebush (@MrsRoudy).

Trena will be taking on a key role as Senior Account Executive to our corporate clients. “Account Executive” can mean many things to many companies, but here’s what it means for us: When you work with us, you have a primary point person who makes sure that all your goals are met through creating strategic plans, managing your campaign implementation internally, and communicating outcomes to your team. Less work for you, with many more results.

Trena brings more than a decade of project management, client engagement, and marketing and communications strategy to Bohlsen Group with organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. She thrives on helping clients chase big goals and pursuing projects that make a difference in the world.

A native of Noblesville and proud Butler Bulldog, Trena stays active in the Indianapolis community. In addition to volunteering with Girl Scouts of Central Indiana and Coburn place, she has held community leadership roles as Past National President for Active 20-30 US & Canada and as a board member for IndyRunners, Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis and the Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis Foundation. Recently, Trena chaired a project with Kiwanis International enabling a Day of Service for 500 college students to build a $150,000 playground in Near West Indianapolis.

If you think that sounds tiring, just try to keep up with Trena on the trails. She runs half, full, and ultra marathons and coaches a team for the Indy Women’s Half Marathon.

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Solving homelessness in Indy: Are you up to the challenge?

September 14, 2015 | by Karen Hurt

As Indiana’s only certified B Corporation, Bohlsen Group takes our responsibility to the community seriously. However, we were invested in the community long before our B Corp certification through several initiatives, most notably the Know Outlets campaign to support Indy’s homeless.

Administered by the Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention, Know Outlets raises funds for gaps where funding may be lacking for individuals experiencing homelessness.

We’ve recently co-sponsored a refurbished parking meter with our landlord, Coastal Partners. As part of this effort, we are helping administer a fundraising competition between businesses in our building to show our support and build awareness about challenges the homeless face in our city and how we all can help. All tenants in our building will receive a donation receptacle and are encouraging employees to donate to the cause.

Funds from the campaign go to support other gaps in funding by service providers, for expenses such as government documentation, utility arrears, or apartment deposits. Often, just a few hundred dollars are all that stand between homelessness and permanent housing for families. If we all can do something to help the effort, more citizens can be moved into permanent housing. We want to do all we can to support our neighbors experiencing homelessness— even a small amount is significant

Since the campaign launch in January 2015, Know Outlets funds have helped 27 families transition to permanent housing in Indianapolis. However, with a homeless population of up to 8,000 estimated in Indianapolis, there is still much work to do. Homelessness is not a problem that we can come close to solving without getting everyone involved. If you’d like to replicate a similar competition in your building or have a creative idea of how you can support the Know Outlets campaign, we’d love to hear it!

For more information on the campaign, visit

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